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Many an original idea with great merit has never seen the light of day for lack of funds. If you can't put your own money where your mouth is, then you'd better start looking for one of these!

Today's Lesson
BACKER   後援者


  • To back someone or something is to support it.

    Backing is support.

    A backer gives financial support to something.
  • back は、人や何かを支援する、支持する、という意味です。

    backing は、支援、支持のことです。

    backer は、何かに経済的援助をする人、つまり、後援者のことです。



  1. If you decide to blow the whistle on management, who's going to back you? No one wants to risk losing their job.
  2. Most of the residents made it clear that they enthusiastically back our plans to revitalize the Kearny District.
  3. Most of the research on sustainable energy is backed by government subsidies.
  4. She's applied for a government-backed loan to pay for business school.
  5. Where are you going to find the financial backing for an entrepreneurial venture of this size?
  6. Our backer has threatened to withdraw their investment if we don't show them a completed business plan soon.

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