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2009.07.06(Review of 2007.04.02 edition)

Hello again!

This week, you've got a new member on your marketing staff. He goes by the name of WordMaster, and he's going to show you a few tricks for getting to know your customers that'll push sales through the roof!

Today's Lesson
MARKET (v.)   市場に出す、売り込む


  • To market a product is to offer it for sale and advertise it.
  • 動詞の market は、商品を売りに出し、宣伝すること、つまり、市場に出す、売り込む、という意味です。



  1. We'll start marketing the shampoo this weekend by mailing free samples to 200,000 households.
  2. The new Vermont-based company will market handmade jams and jellies to high-end consumers.
  3. It used to be an ordinary small-town diner, but it was so cleverly marketed that it's become a well-known tourist destination in the area.
  4. Production began on the world's first mass-marketed (= designed to be sold to many people) automobile in 1908. Because it was manufactured on an assembly line, it was inexpensive enough for large numbers of people to afford.

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