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2009.07.08(Review of 2007.01.30 edition)

If it's answers you need, sometimes all that's required is to ask!

Today's Lesson
SURVEY   調査、調査する


  • A survey (noun) is a study in which a group of people are each asked the same questions and their answers are analyzed.

    To survey (verb) a group of people is to ask them questions as part of such a study.
  • 名詞の survey は、複数の人に同じ質問をしてその答えを分析すること、つまり、調査という意味です。

    動詞の survey は、そのような研究の一環として複数の人に質問をすること、つまり、調査をする、という意味です。



  1. A recent survey found that travelers to that country rank its immigration officials among the friendliest and most polite in the world.
  2. They've just completed a survey on the level of job satisfaction among people in various occupations, and actuaries were at the top of the list.
  3. The survey was conducted by a research team from the university.
  4. Our marketing department surveyed new mothers to learn about their preferences regarding cloth versus disposable diapers.
  5. Three out of four people surveyed said they prefer the taste of Berlitz Cola to that of the leading brand.

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