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Welcome back! We hope you had a fabulous weekend!

The WordMaster is at the office this week, and he'll be focusing his attention on the never-ending job of routine communication. Let's begin with the first face or voice you might encounter when initiating contact with any office!

Today's Lesson


  • A receptionist is an office employee whose main job is to greet visitors and answer the telephone.
  • receptionist とは、訪問者を迎えたり、電話に出たりすることを主な仕事とするオフィスの従業員、つまり、受付係のことです。



  1. (answering the phone)
    a: Hello. Berlitz Industries.
    b: Hi! This is Mike Smith at the Nagoya office. You must be the new receptionist.
  2. (on a corporate Web site)
    If you have general questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our receptionist at 03-3222-XXXX.
  3. (during training)
    It's important that our receptionists make the right impression. So smile and be friendly and professional when someone walks in.

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