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Today's Lesson
INQUIRY   問い合わせ


  • To inquire (verb) is to ask for information about something.

    An inquiry (noun) is a request for information.
  • inquire (動詞)とは、何かについて情報を求める、つまり、問い合わせる、という意味です。

    inquiry (名詞)とは、情報を求めること、つまり、問い合わせのことです。



  1. (answering the phone)
    RECEPTIONIST: Hello. Berlitz Securities.
    CALLER: Hi! I'm calling to inquire about employment opportunities at your company.
  2. We've received over 300 inquiries about the position since we put the add in the paper.
  3. I've made some inquires with local restaurants and coffee shops about displaying my artwork, and there's actually been some real interest.

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