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2009.10.14(Review of 2005.09.14 edition)

Here's a short little word that can be a big help when trying to put some order in your work life!

Today's Lesson
SORT   並べ替える、分類する


  • To sort a group of items is to arrange them in a certain order or to separate them into groups, where the items in each group are similar in some way.
  • sort とは、複数のものをある順番に並べ替える、または、何らかの点で類似しているものごとに分類してまとめる、という意味です。



  1. Please sort cans, glass, and PET bottles before putting them out for recycling.
  2. I spent the day sorting my photographs into three folders: “Family,” “Friends,” and “Travel.”
  3. (explaining how to use an e-mail program)
    If you click here, messages will be sorted by date received. If you click here, they'll be sorted by sender.
  4. The major Internet search engines can sort results based on popularity, relevance, and other factors.

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