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To put the blame on someone is to make them a sort of sacrificial lamb - or goat. Get the idea?

Today's Lesson
SCAPEGOAT   他人の過ちの責任を負う人、身代わり


  • A scapegoat is someone who is blamed for others' mistakes.
  • scapegoat とは、他人の過ちの責任を負う人のことです。



  1. It's not fair to make Samantha the scapegoat. We should all take some of the blame.
  2. The general counsel was a rather arrogant man with few friends. So when the scandal became public, he quickly became the company's scapegoat.
  3. Faced with a huge malpractice suit, the accounting firm scrambled (= hurried) to find a scapegoat.

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