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(a baby is) DUE   (子供が)産まれる予定で


  • A baby or pregnant woman is due on a particular date if the baby is expected to be born on that date.

    A baby or pregnant woman's due date is the date on which the baby is expected to be born.
  • 赤ちゃんや妊娠している女性について due と言うと、赤ちゃんがある特定の日に産まれる予定である、という意味になります。

    赤ちゃんや妊娠している女性の due date とは、出産予定日のことです。

(a baby is) DUE


  1. a: When's the baby due?
    b: In September.
  2. a: Your wife is due any day now, isn't she?
    b: Yes, and she sure is ready to have this baby. It's been a long nine months!
  3. My baby's due date is Christmas Eve. Wouldn't that be fun?
  4. I'm already two weeks past my due date, but my doctor says babies are born late all the time.

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