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For Life
2010.03.23(Review of 2000.12.14 edition)

Welcome to the start of spring at Berlitz WordMaster! During this season, when all is new, we're going to start by talking about a little device that still feels new, but is just old enough to make it hard to remember what life was like without it!

Today's Lesson


  • A cell phone is a small phone that you can take with you and use anywhere.

    It is also called a cell, cellular phone, or mobile phone.
  • cell phone とは、どこへでも持って行って使うことができる小型の電話、つまり、携帯電話のことです。

    また、携帯電話のことを cell や、cellular phone または mobile phone とも言います。



  1. Here's my cell phone number. Feel free to call me anytime.
  2. Is it all right for me to use my cell phone in here?
  3. Please don't call me on my cell unless it's an emergency.
  4. (calling a new friend)
    a: Is this your cell?
    b: No, it's my home phone.
  5. Last month's cellular phone bill was almost $150!
  6. Can you access the Internet on your mobile phone?

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