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When voice communication isn't possible or desirable, here's a great way to get your message across!

Today's Lesson


  • A text or text message (noun) is a short written message sent from one cell phone (or similar device) to another.

    To text or text message (verb) someone is to send them a text message.
  • 名詞の text または text message は、携帯電話(または同様の機器)の間で送信される、文字による短いメッセージ、つまり、メールのことです。

    動詞の text または text message は、携帯電話で誰かにメールを送る、という意味です。



  1. Jamie just sent me a text to say that she arrived safely.
  2. (meeting a friend after work)
    a: You're late.
    b: Didn't you get my text message?
  3. You can be fined as much as $800 here if you're caught texting while driving.
  4. a: Do you know Karen's address?
    b: No, but I can text it to you when I get home.
  5. (during a meeting)
    CO-WORKER: What do you think, Brian?
    BRIAN: (pushing buttons on his cell)
    CO-WORKER: Brian?
    BRIAN: What? ... Oh, sorry, I was just text messaging my wife.

英会話レッスンC u 2mro! (= text language for “See you tomorrow!”)