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For Life
2010.03.30(Review of 2008.01.04 edition)

Here's a very special review edition that's still young enough for many of our newer readers to remember!

Today's Lesson
A (year) TO REMEMBER   記憶に残る(年)


  • A year to remember is a year that is special and will not be forgotten. We can also talk about a day to remember, an event to remember, etc.
  • a year to remember とは、特別で忘れることができない年、つまり、記憶に残る年のことです。a day to remember(記憶に残る日)、an event to remember(記憶に残るできごと)、などと言うこともできます。



  1. a: How was the New Year's party?
    b: Amazing! It was a night to remember!
  2. (sportscaster)
    With the first- and second-ranked players in tennis competing against each other for the first time, this should be a match to remember!
  3. (a young couple on New Year's Eve at midnight)
    a: Happy New Year!
    b: Happy New Year! Let's really make it a year to remember!
  4. 31 July 2000 to 31 March 2010 was the decade (= ten years) of WordMaster - a decade to remember!

英会話レッスンWe hope you'll join us again tomorrow for our final edition of WordMaster for Life! It's sure to be a day to remember!