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2010.03.16(Review of 2007.09.10 edition)

You'll notice that it's not the verb form of this word we're taking up today. We think the noun is so much more interesting!

Today's Lesson
NOTICE (n.)   通知、通知期間、掲示


  • Notice (uncountable noun) is information given to someone about something that will happen in the future; for example, so that preparations can be made in advance.

    Notice is also the length of time from when the information is given to when the future event occurs.

    A notice (countable noun) is a sign, written announcement, or other written information, often displayed on a wall, bulletin board, or other public place.
  • 数えられない名詞の notice は、例えば前もって準備できるように、将来起こることについて誰かに与えられる情報、つまり、通知のことです。

    また、notice には、情報が与えられてから将来の出来事が起こるまでの期間、つまり、通知期間という意味もあります。

    数えられる名詞の notice は、貼り紙、書面によるお知らせ、情報が書かれたもののことで、多くは、壁や掲示板、その他の公共の場所に掲示されます。



  1. (from a company's “Rules and Regulations)
    Employees are expected to give written notice of their intention to resign at least one month prior to their last day on the job.
  2. (on a travel agency Web site)
    Prices are subject to change without notice.
  3. I'm sorry about the short notice, but would you be able to give a brief talk on time management at tomorrow's orientation?
  4. (to a friend living in Detroit)
    a: I'm going to be in Detroit this weekend. I'd love to see you.
    b: Oh, I wish you had given me more notice. I'm going away this weekend.
  5. If you're interested in joining the company softball league, they've posted (= put) a notice on the bulletin board in the employee lounge about how to register.
  6. a: I got a notice in the mail today saying that I've won a lottery jackpot!
    b: I wouldn't get too excited if I were you. It's probably a hoax.

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