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We start a new series today called “Working with People”. We hope you enjoy it!

Today's Lesson
GOOD WITH (PEOPLE)   (人)と接するのが得意である、〜を扱うのが得意である


  • If someone is good with people, they're able to deal with people well.

    If someone is good with a tool, numbers, their hands, etc., they're able to use them well.
  • good with people と言うと、人と上手に接することができる、という意味です。

    また、good with の後に道具、数字、自分の手などがくると、それらを上手に使うことができる、という意味になります。



  1. She's always been good with people. She used to be a nurse.
  2. (shoe store manager)
    Daniel is especially good with customers. He likes talking with them and making sure they're happy.
  3. A veterinarian (= animal doctor) has to be good with animals and the people they live with.
  4. If she's that good with numbers, maybe she should study accounting.
  5. He's really good with his hands. He built his own house and does all his own repairs.

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