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If there is any truth in the expression “Waste not, want not,” then today's WordMaster edition should be especially satisfying!

Today's Lesson
ZERO WASTE   ゼロ・ウェイスト(ごみゼロ)


  • In business, zero waste means that a company's products and processes produce no waste. In other words, they produce no dangerous emissions or effluents (= liquid waste) and all resources are used fully, recycled, or returned to the natural environment in a usable form.
  • ビジネスにおいて zero waste は、企業の製品がごみにならず、製造工程においてごみを出さない、ということを意味します。つまり、有害な排出物や流出物(液体廃棄物)を生じさせず、全ての資源をリサイクルしたり、利用可能な形で自然環境に戻したりして、完全に活用する、ということです。



  1. I'd like to make this a business that serves the community, creates zero waste, and provides a good living for my employees.
  2. The restaurant has a zero waste policy, so all of the take-out packaging is compostable (= will decay in soil).
  3. New government regulations have taken the country one step closer to zero waste by requiring retailers to include the cost of recycling in the purchase price for large appliances.

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