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Today's Lesson
FULL/OPEN (SCHEDULE)   ぎっしり詰まった/空いている(スケジュール)


  • If you have a full schedule, you don't have any time available.

    If you have an open schedule, you don't have any appointments or other fixed plans.
  • full schedule は、空いている時間が全くない状態のことです。

    open schedule は、約束や確定している予定が全くない状態のことです。



  1. I have a full schedule on Thursday. Some people from the head office are coming for the day.
  2. I'm sorry, but Dr. Hathaway's schedule is full until mid-May. The soonest you could see him is May 18th.
  3. It's nice to have a relatively open schedule for a change. We just finished a very busy couple of weeks.
  4. Both of my appointments canceled at the last minute, so my schedule is suddenly open.

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