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Welcome back! We hope you had a good holiday. Today we've brought you the Friday edition, the last in our series on Valuing Your Time. We hope you like it!

Today's Lesson
SHIFT   シフト、交替勤務時間、交替勤務者


  • A shift is one of the fixed periods of time during which workers at a business or organization work (for example, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

    It is also the group of people who work during that period of time.

    Although the meaning of “day shift” and “night shift” is clear, the following may need more explanation:

    swing shift - begins in the afternoon and ends at night
    graveyard shift - begins at night and ends in the morning
  • shift とは、企業や組織の従業員が働く、決まった時間帯の1つ(例えば、午前9時から午後5時まで)のことです。


    day shift (日勤)や night shift (夜勤)の意味は分かりやすいですが、次の言葉は少し説明が必要でしょう。

    swing shift は、午後から深夜までの勤務、つまり、半夜勤のことです。
    graveyard shift は、深夜から朝までの勤務、つまり、深夜勤のことです。



  1. At my last job, we worked in shifts that changed every two weeks. So it's nice to be on a regular nine-to-five schedule now.
  2. We've been working 24/7 to make our deadline. I've had my staff doing 12-hour shifts for the last eight days.
  3. a: Are you still on the night shift?
    b: No, thank goodness. I've been working the day shift since the first of the year.
  4. The swing shift clocks out at midnight.
  5. Workers on the graveyard shift get time and a half (= 150% of the regular wage).

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