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It's payday at WordMaster@Work, so treat yourself to today's edition!

Today's Lesson
(pay) HIKE   (賃金)引き上げ


  • A hike (noun) is a sudden increase in prices, taxes, etc.

    The verb form is hike or hike up.
  • hike (名詞)とは、物価や税金などが急激に上がることです。

    動詞形は hike または hike up で、急に引き上げる、という意味です。

(pay) HIKE


  1. City workers are getting a 7% pay hike this year.
  2. Most smokers said that the latest tax hike (on cigarettes) has had little effect on their smoking habits.
  3. The mechanics went on strike last week, demanding a hike in wages and increased medical and disability coverage.
  4. Airlines have had to hike ticket prices in order to offset recent oil price hikes.
  5. If they keep hiking up the interest rates, it's going to be a lot harder for new businesses to borrow the money they need to get started.

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