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2010.05.27 (Review of 2006.12.21 edition)

Hello again!

Well, the day has come. Today we see what has become of all our hard work since Monday. Wish us luck!

Today's Lesson
OUTCOME   結果、成果


  • The outcome of an action or situation is what happens as a result of it.
  • outcome とは、ある行動や状況から生じた結果、成果、という意味です。



  1. Depending on the outcome of the negotiations, the merger could happen as early as next April.
  2. Involving all interested parties in the planning process should certainly have a positive effect on the outcome of the project.
  3. We're developing quantitative tools for predicting the outcome of managerial decisions.
  4. (lawyer)
    There's no charge for my services unless I achieve a satisfactory outcome for you.

英会話レッスンNow don't forget to join us tomorrow for this month's @Work Challenge. See you then!