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  • To speculate in real estate, stocks, etc., is to buy them in order to (hopefully) sell them later at a profit.

    The noun form is speculation.
  • 不動産や株式などについて speculate と言うと、(うまくいけば)後で利益を上乗せして売却するためにそれらを購入する、つまり、投機する、という意味になります。

    名詞形は speculation で、投機、という意味です。



  1. a: It just doesn't make sense to speculate on the stock market anymore.
    b: Nonsense. If you invest for the long term, there's actually very little risk.
  2. Instead of taking over the family farm, she chose to study finance. Now she speculates in agricultural commodities.
  3. Regulating oil speculation should help keep oil prices under control, at least until oil reserves start running out.

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