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Those of our readers with sharp eyes and keen memories might notice the similarity between today's word and “facility”, a word we reintroduced around this time last year. Coincidence? Not at all. After all, think about how much EASIER IT IS TO DO something in a purpose-made building!

Today's Lesson
FACILITATE   容易にする、促進する


  • To facilitate something is to make it easier to do, or to help cause it to happen.

    A facilitator is someone who facilitates a meeting, project, or other activity.
  • facilitate は、何かをするのを容易にする、何かが起こるよう促進する、という意味です。

    facilitator は、会議やプロジェクトなどの活動が円滑に進むようにする人、つまり、進行役のことです。



  1. The new electronic newsletter has really helped facilitate communication with our employees.
  2. (meeting chair)
    I've prepared a background paper that I hope will facilitate today's discussion.
  3. The economic recovery was facilitated by a huge influx of foreign investment capital.
  4. I'm asking Marlene to act as facilitator for next week's focus group meeting.

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