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2010.07.21 (Review of 2007.01.23 edition)

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Today's Lesson
STALL (v.)   引き延ばす、引き止める、行き詰まる


  • If someone stalls, they delay making a decision or taking some other action in order to gain more time.

    To stall someone is to keep them from doing something for a while in order to gain more time.

    If a negotiation, project, etc., stalls, it stops making progress.
  • stall は、時間を稼ぐために、決断を遅らせる、または、何らかの行動をとるのを先に延ばす、という意味です。

    stall someone と言うと、時間を稼ぐために、しばらくの間、誰かに何かをさせないようにする、という意味になります。

    交渉や計画などについて stall と言うと、進展が止まる、という意味になります。

STALL (v.)


  1. a: I still haven't gotten a reply from the head office on my request for back pay.
    b: Maybe they're just stalling for time, hoping that you'll get tired of waiting and give up.
  2. a: Did you talk to your supervisor about the raise?
    b: No. She came to the office in a pretty foul mood today.
    a: That's what you said yesterday, too. Why don't you stop stalling and just ask her?
  3. (planning a surprise party for a co-worker)
    Do you think you can stall Helen until 1:15? That should give everyone enough time to get back from lunch before she arrives.
  4. The negotiations with the union have stalled due to a disagreement over the amount of paid maternity leave the company should provide.

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