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We think you'll soon be on good terms with today's topic. You've got more in common than you may realize!

Today's Lesson
PEER   同輩、同僚、同級生、同業者


  • A peer is someone who is the same age or is in the same position (socially, professionally, academically, etc.) as you.
  • peer とは、自分と同じ年齢の人、または(社会、職業、学業などにおいて)同等の立場にいる人をさします。



  1. His outstanding work and commitment have earned him the admiration of his peers.
  2. Being a member of a professional association gives me frequent opportunities to socialize and network with peers.
  3. My son has been having some trouble fitting in with his peers at school.
  4. (fictional news report)
    Berlitz Blossoms was voted Best New Florist by industry peers.
  5. The company uses a peer review system to make decisions about pay raises and promotions.

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