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And now, a Berlitz WordMaster@Work feature presentation!

Today's Lesson
FEATURE   特徴、特色とする


  • A feature (noun) is an important or special part or characteristic of something.

    The verb form is also feature.
  • feature (名詞)は、何かの重要な、または特別な部分や特徴のことです。

    動詞形も feature で、特色とする、という意味です。



  1. Most cell phones these days come with features such as text messaging, a digital camera, and even television.
  2. The new Berlitz-Pad tablet computer has lots of cool new features.
  3. Make sure you're familiar with all the safety features before operating this machine.
  4. The hotel features private balconies with ocean views in every room.
  5. The shop's unique bamboo furniture was featured in the latest issue of Berlitz BizNews.

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