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2010.10.12(Review of 2008.08.18 edition)

Hello, and welcome back from the Sports Day weekend. We trust you are healthier and more fit than ever! After that long holiday dedicated to the healthy enjoyment of our off hours, we thought this a good time to take a second look at a series we did in 2008. It's about the importance of maintaining a balance between work and the rest of life. Try to make some time for it in your busy week. It'll be good for you!

Today's Lesson


  • Leisure is time when you do not have to work or study and can do things you enjoy.
  • leisure とは、仕事や勉強をする必要がなく、自分が好きなことをできる時間、つまり、余暇のことです。



  1. His family is extremely wealthy, and he has always enjoyed a life of leisure.
  2. Bill's having trouble getting used to life after retirement. He just doesn't know how to enjoy his leisure.
  3. My job keeps me so busy that I have little leisure time, except on the weekends.
  4. Incomes in that country are rising, and people have more money now to spend on leisure activities, like going to the movies, playing golf, and traveling.

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