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2010.10.15 (Review of 2008.08.21 edition)

Hello again!

Today's edition reminds us that it's not enough to just spend time with a person. For instance, there's a world of difference between sharing a sofa with someone while watching TV and sharing stories with someone around a campfire!

Today's Lesson


  • Quality time is a period of time when you give your full attention to someone (especially your children) in order to make your relationship stronger.
  • quality time とは、誰か(特に自分の子どもなど)との関係をより強くするために、その人としっかり向き合う、充実した時間のことです。



  1. I try to keep my weekends free so that I can have some quality time with my family. This weekend we're all going to make homemade pizza together.
  2. HUSBAND: What do you mean we don't spend enough time together? I drive you to the station in the morning, we watch the 11:00 news...
    WIFE: Well, that's not exactly quality time is it?
  3. A lot of my friends' kids are very busy with school and after-school activities. But I think it's important for teenagers to spend quality time at home with their parents, too.
  4. (one of Tim's co-workers to another)
    Tim may call taking Carl to a Major League ballgame “quality time with the boss,” but I call it schmoozing.

英会話レッスンThanks for spending this quality time with us!