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@Work 2010.11.19
Welcome to the Friday WordMaster, where it's time to say farewell to our good friend Murphy!
Today's Lesson
FAULT   責任
If an error, problem, etc., is your fault - or if you are at fault - you caused it or are responsible for it.
過失や問題などについて、your fault または you are at fault と言うと、その人がそれを引き起こした、またはそれに対して責任がある、という意味になります。
1 It's all my fault. I should have been more careful.
2 It's your own fault that you haven't advanced more quickly. You've never shown any real commitment to the company.
3 It's not my fault. I was only doing what my supervisor told me to do.
4 I think the hotel is at fault for not providing better security for its guests.
英会話レッスン Enjoy your time off this weekend. You've surely earned it!


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