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@Work 2010.12.16
Ready for your next stocking stuffer?
Today's Lesson CATEGORY: イディオム
DRAG YOUR (FEET/HEELS)   わざとのろのろする
To drag your feet or to drag your heels is to be slow to make a decision or slow to do something, because you'd prefer not to do it.
drag your feet または drag your heels は、気がすすまないという理由で、決定を下したり、行動を起こしたりするのを遅らせる、という意味です。
1 The NGO has accused state politicians of dragging their feet on environmental issues.
2 You'd better stop dragging your feet and start paying off your debts or you'll never have any savings.
3 They've been dragging their heels on this issue for months. I wish they'd make a decision soon.
英会話レッスン It's the season of giving. Pass it on!


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