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Welcome back! So how was your Christmas? Merry? Jolly? Festive? Or perhaps you're in Scrooge's camp, shrugging off all the fuss with a “Bah, humbug!”

Well, now that Christmas 2010 is history, we can look ahead to the less controversial year-end holiday of Oshogatsu. But before we start enjoying our well-earned New Year's ease, ... well, we have to earn it. And this means taking care of last-minute business - like the last two WordMaster editions of the year!

Today's Lesson
(TIE UP) LOOSE ENDS   未処理事項(を仕上げる)


  • A loose end is a (usually small) part of something that hasn't been finished yet.

    To tie up a loose end is to finish it.
  • loose end とは、まだ仕上げていない(通常、わずかな)部分、未処理事項のことです。

    tie up a loose end は、未処理の物事を仕上げる、という意味です。
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  1. a: Have you gotten your work visa yet?
    b: Not yet. The company said there are still a couple of loose ends that have to be taken care of first.
  2. He's going to be very busy tying up last-minute loose ends before he leaves for Hong Kong.
  3. I like to spend the last 30 minutes of the workday tying up loose ends so that I can start fresh when I come in the next morning.

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