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2011.01.04 (Review of 2006.01.10 edition)

Welcome back from the New Year's holiday, and welcome to Berlitz WordMaster@Work 2011!! This is a time of year unlike any other. It's a chance to make a fresh start, to begin again (this time, on the right foot), to take stock of our habits and goals and give ourselves a full-on makeover. Of course, it takes lots of energy to put so many good intentions into practice. But after such a long holiday, we should have no shortage of energy, right?

So here it is - this year's “Kakizome” edition of Berlitz WordMaster@Work!

Today's Lesson
REFRESH   元気づける


  • If something refreshes you, it gives you energy.
  • refresh は、活力を与える、元気づける、という意味です。
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  1. Let's get out of the office and take a walk outside. It'll refresh you.
  2. I always feel so refreshed after my (bicycle) ride to the office. I take a shower in the employee locker room, change into fresh clothes, and I feel ready to tackle anything.
  3. a: You're looking refreshed!
    b: Yes. I really slept well last night.
  4. Enjoy your vacation. And come back refreshed; there'll be a lot of work waiting for you!

英会話レッスンOh, that was fun! Now don't you feel refreshed?