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2011.01.05(Review of 2007.10.30 edition)

There are many paths to self-improvement, a fitting activity for the New Year. And for the next few days, we'll be looking at several facets of something that can never be given too much polish - our character.

Today's Lesson
VALUES   価値観


  • The values of a person or group are their beliefs about what is important in life and about what is right and wrong behavior.
  • values とは、人生において何が重要か、何が正しい行いで、何が間違った行いかということに関する個人や集団の信念、つまり、価値観のことです。
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  1. Although her resume is very impressive, it became clear during the interview that she doesn't share the values of this company.
  2. The old-fashioned values and cheerful, informal manner of the CEO have helped improve the company's image over the years.
  3. I volunteer at a church organization that tries to foster traditional values in the local community.
  4. A company's corporate culture will usually reflect its core values as outlined in its mission statement.

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