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2011.01.18(Review of 2007.12.11 edition)

Claim your due. Let your invoice be heard!

Today's Lesson
INVOICE   請求書/請求書を送る


  • An invoice (noun) is a written request for payment, consisting of a list of goods or services provided and their cost.

    To invoice (verb) someone is to send them, or present them with, such a request for payment.
  • invoice(名詞)とは、書面による支払いの要求で、提供された商品やサービスとその費用が一覧になったもの、つまり、請求書のことです。

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  1. (client to independent contractor)
    Please submit an invoice by the 28th of each month for work completed.
  2. a: We have yet to receive payment.
    b: When did you send the invoice?
  3. You could improve cash flow if you were able to settle outstanding invoices more quickly.
  4. There must be some mistake. You've invoiced us for a computer monitor we never ordered or received.

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