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2011.01.19(Review of 2007.12.12 edition)

When your message requires an expanded format, here's a neat, attractive package that lets you have your full say!

Today's Lesson
BROCHURE   パンフレット


  • A brochure is printed material consisting of a small number of pages that are often folded in half and stapled or stitched together at the fold, and which frequently contains product information or other promotional material.
  • brochure とは、ページ数が少ない印刷物のことで、たいていは、二つ折りにして、その折り目をホッチキスや紐で綴じてあります。多くの場合、商品情報、その他、販促に必要なことが含まれています。
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  1. I've just looked through the product brochure you sent me, and I must say I'm very impressed.
  2. (customer to a travel agent)
    Do you have any travel brochures for Vietnam?
  3. Here's a brochure that gives you all the details about our intensive business English courses.
  4. The Chamber of Commerce just sent us a brochure about their new campaign to promote zero waste at all local businesses.

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