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We've just one more edition to offer you before the start of the three-day weekend. It's a classic idiom you hear native speakers using all the time. So, isn't it time you started using it, too?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
SHOW UP (for work)   (仕事に)来る、現れる


  • To show up is to arrive for an appointment, a meeting, a party, etc.
  • show up は、約束や会議、パーティーなどに来る、という意味です。
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SHOW UP (for work)


  1. Most of the staff showed up on time, but Ted and Louise showed up late again.
  2. (manager, after yet another run-in with an employee)
    OK, that's it! Don't bother showing up for work tomorrow. You're fired!
  3. a: Was Hana at the party?
    b: No. She never showed up.

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