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Evolutionary biologists believe that the unrivaled success of the human species is due perhaps just as much to that marvelous tool, the hand, as to our oversized brains. It seems clear that, without the fine sensitivity of our ten dexterous fingers and the evolutionary breakthrough of opposable thumbs, we'd all just be frustrated geniuses, able to conceive of rocket engines but barely able to use a shovel.

So we turn our complex thoughts to our hands this week. After all, think how empty life would seem if we weren't able to play rock, paper, scissors!!

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(GIVE) (someone) A HAND   (人を)手助け(する)


  • In expressions like “give someone a hand”, “lend someone a hand”, and “need a hand”, a hand means “help” (noun).
  • give someone a hand (人を手助けする)、lend someone a hand (人に手を貸す)、need a hand (手伝いが要る)などの表現において、a hand は、手助けという意味になります。
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(GIVE) (someone) A HAND


  1. (to co-worker washing dishes in the coffee room)
    Let me give you a hand with those (dishes).
  2. Can you give me a hand with this (computer) spreadsheet? I can't figure out what formula to use for this field here.
  3. Would you like a hand moving those boxes?
  4. Greg is always willing to lend a hand when there's an urgent deadline to meet.
  5. Wendy could probably use a hand answering the phones. They've been ringing off the hook all morning.

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