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Here's a fun expression you can use when you think you know what's news!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
DON'T TELL ME...   まさか〜じゃないでしょうね


  • You can use the expression Don't tell me... when you guess what someone is going to say and you think it's something disappointing or surprising.
  • 誰かが、がっかりするようなことや驚くようなことを言いそうだな、と思ったときには、Don't tell me... (まさか〜じゃないでしょうね)という表現を使うことができます。
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  1. a: Er ... you know the $8000 you gave me to deposit at the bank? Well, er...
    b: Don't tell me you lost it!
  2. Don't tell me they actually expect you to work over the holiday!
  3. a: What are you looking so happy about? Don't tell me you got the job!
    b: Yes, I did! I start work on Monday!

英会話レッスンDon't tell me it's time to say goodbye already!