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Spring has been busy painting the town red ... and white, yellow, pink ... And we've picked three fresh blossoms from the tree of knowledge for you this week. Our theme? Well, it'll be spelled out clearly for you in Wednesday's topic. So we'll just have to keep you in suspense until then!

Today's Lesson
REGISTER   登録・登記する、登録・登記させる


  • To register is to put your name or other information on an official list, or to have someone put it there.
  • register は、正式な表に名前やその他の情報を記入する、また、人に記入させる、という意味です。
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  1. I'm taking the afternoon off. My wife and I are going to the municipal (= city) office to register our marriage.
  2. Don't forget that April 15th is the deadline to register to vote for the parliamentary elections.
  3. (someone in human resources to a foreign hire)
    You'll need to register with the ward office where you live by the end of next week.
  4. I'm registered for an accounting class at Berlitz Online University.
  5. (driver to police officer)
    It's a company car, so it's not registered in my name.
  6. He has a registered copyright for that photograph. He knew it would be valuable someday.

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