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Today's Lesson
OFFICIAL   役員、官僚、公務の、公式の、正式の


  • An official (noun) is someone who has an important position (an “office”) in an organization, especially a large and powerful one such as a major corporation or the government.

    Something is official (adjective) if it's related to the job of someone in such a position or if it's done or said by, submitted to, approved by, etc., such a person.
  • 名詞の official は、ある組織、特に大企業や政府などの大きくて有力な組織において、重要な地位(要職)にある人をさします。

    形容詞の official は、そのような地位にある人の仕事に関連している、または、そのような人が行ったり、述べたり、承認したりする、そのような人に提出される、というようなことを表します。
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  1. A company official told the press that severe weather was continuing to cause production delays.
  2. Industry representatives met with senior officials from the Ministry of the Environment to talk about the proposed regulations on coal emissions.
  3. Well, it's official. The company just announced the appointment of Max Berlitz as the new CEO.
  4. According to the official report, company executives had been overpaid because of a clerical error.
  5. (customer to headquarters of retail chain)
    I'd like to make an official complaint about the quality of service I received at your Sacramento store.
  6. As director of security, my official responsibilities included supervision of all security personnel and periodic review of security procedures.

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