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2011.05.09 (Review of 2008.05.13 edition)


We've got a nice blend of old and new for you this week, each edition treating a different part of the corporate anatomy with surgical precision. Let's begin at the top, shall we?

Today's Lesson
HEADQUARTERS   本社、本社で働く人


  • Headquarters, or HQ, is the central office or offices that control an organization, or the people who work at that office.
  • headquarters 略して HQ とは、組織全体を管理する、ひとつまたはいくつかの中心的な事業所、あるいは、そこで働く人たちのことです。
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  1. The company's headquarters are in Sydney.
  2. We used to have our headquarters in Boston until they were moved to Dallas.
  3. After a three-year stint at the Milwaukee office, I was transferred to headquarters.
  4. The order came directly from HQ.
  5. There have been rumors that HQ is planning to outsource our customer service operations.

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