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If “HQ” is a company's head, then this must be one of its extremities.

Today's Lesson
BRANCH (office)   支社、支店


  • A branch is a separate (local) office or shop that's located away from the main office/shop of the company or organization it belongs to.
  • branch とは、会社や所属している組織において、本社や本店から離れたところ(地方)にある、個々の事業所や店、つまり、支社や支店のことです。
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BRANCH (office)


  1. The bank's Barkley Village branch is going to be closed for renovations until the end of the month.
  2. Berlitz Clerical Services has branches all over the country.
  3. a: They're promoting me to branch manager!
    b: Oh, that's great news! I'm so happy for you!
  4. We have several locations downtown, but I think our branch office on 5th Street is the one nearest your place of business.
  5. You can use our online store locator to find a local branch in your area.

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