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2011.05.11 (Review of 2008.05.14 edition)

A lot of what happens at a company's headquarters can be summed up by today's @Work topic. For anyone hoping to rise to the top of the organizational chart, it should be considered core vocabulary!

Today's Lesson


  • Administration is the activity of managing, directing, or organizing a project, the operations of an organization, etc.

    The adjective form is administrative.
  • administration とは、プロジェクトや組織の事業などを、運営・管理・組織化することなどをさします。

    形容詞形は administrative で、管理の、という意味です。
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  1. In my previous job, I was responsible for the administration of a $3 million investment fund.
  2. With all the paperwork required for a project like this, half my time is taken up with administration.
  3. The administrative challenges of managing over 15,000 employees are enormous.
  4. (job advertisement)
    The ideal candidate should have at least five years of administrative work experience, such as that performed by a secretary or executive assistant.
  5. A major goal of the restructuring was to lower administrative costs.

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