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2011.05.19 (Review of 2007.08.01 edition)

And now, it's time to look at the numbers!

Today's Lesson
MAKE (10) PERCENT ON (an investment)   (投資で10)パーセントの利益を上げる


  • To make, for example, 10 percent on an investment is to earn a 10% profit on the capital you invest.
  • 例えば、make 10 percent on an investment と言うと、投資した資本の10パーセントの利益を上げる、という意味になります。
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MAKE (10) PERCENT ON (an investment)


  1. CLIENT: Is there a way to make 10 to 15 percent on my money each year?
    BROKER: You could invest in some more aggressive funds, but you'd be taking a bigger risk.
  2. If inflation is at 5% a year and you're only making 5 percent on your investments, you're just breaking even.
  3. I bought the stock at $20 per share and sold it at $30 per share a month later, making an easy 50 percent on the trade.

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