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2011.06.17  (Review of 2008.07.09 edition)

When business negotiations are truly high-stakes, it would be the height of foolishness to shake hands on an agreement before consulting this group of professionals!

Today's Lesson
LEGAL (AFFAIRS)   法律に関する(業務)、法律の、合法の


  • The word legal means "relating to law" or "allowed by law."

    Illegal means "not allowed by law."

    The legal department or legal affairs department of an organization deals with matters relating to law.
  • legal は、法律に関する、または、法律で認められている、という意味です。

    illegal は、法律で認められていない、という意味です。

    組織内の legal department または legal affairs department とは、法律に関する問題を扱う部門のことです。
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  1. Foreign nationals with valid work permits have a legal right to seek employment.
  2. (calling the Ward Office)
    I'd like to get some legal advice regarding tenants' rights. My landlord is threatening to take legal action unless I get rid of my pet python.
  3. Is it legal to make copies of copyrighted material if it's for personal use only?
  4. Excuse me, but it's illegal to park here.
  5. He worked in the legal department of a large non-profit organization before starting his own law practice.
  6. Ask Legal Affairs to look over the contract before you sign anything.

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