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While rushing around urgently trying to get our work done, it's important that we don't forget that the people we work with are busy with their own urgent business. So here's a word to let them know you don't take their time for granted.

Today's Lesson
BOTHER   邪魔する、困らせる、面倒、悩みの種


  • To bother (verb) someone is to annoy or disturb them - for example, by making them stop what they are doing in order to help you - or to make them worried or upset.

    The noun form is also bother.
  • bother (動詞)とは、例えば、自分を手伝ってもらうために今やっていることをやめさせるなどして、誰かを煩わせたり、邪魔したりする、または、心配させたり、動揺させたりする、という意味です。

    名詞形も bother で、面倒、悩みの種、という意味です。
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  1. (co-workers, while Jenny listens to music at her desk)
    JENNY: Is this music bothering you?
    HENRY: Not at all. It's nice.
  2. (after Evan, a co-worker, gets angry at Nancy)
    CHIEKO: Evan shouldn't have yelled at you like that.
    NANCY: It doesn't bother me. He's been under a lot of pressure lately.
  3. Don't bother her right now.? She's busy with something important.
  4. (from the doorway of his supervisor's office)
    EMPLOYEE: Do you have a minute?
    SUPERVISOR: Sure. Come in.
    EMPLOYEE: I'm sorry to bother you.
    SUPERVISOR: It's no bother at all. What can I help you with?

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