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Greetings! It's a week of business English staples this week. These words are as common in the workplace as paper clips and bad coffee. So now's the time to learn them or - if they're already familiar to you - to finally, solidly master them. Enjoy the week!

Today's Lesson
PROCEDURE   手順、手続き


  • A procedure is a series of actions that is the correct or accepted way of doing something.
  • procedure とは、何かをする方法として、正しい、または一般的とされる一連の行為のことです。
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  1. What's the procedure for requesting a transfer?
  2. a: How do I replace the ink cartridge?
    b: It's actually a very simple procedure. Let me show you.
  3. I know I should, but I've flown so many times now that I don't even pay attention when they explain the safety procedures.
  4. Long delays and lots of red tape are just standard (= the usual) procedure when applying for government permits here.

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