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We're back, fresh from the long weekend. And we have a short, somewhat unusual week ahead of us - just two editions followed by a Thursday (that's right, Thursday) WordMaster Challenge.

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Today's Lesson
(interest) RATE   (利)率、料金、割合


  • A rate is a fixed amount of money, or a percentage amount, that is paid or asked for as payment.
  • rate とは、支払われる、または、請求される、決まった金額や割合のことです。
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(interest) RATE


  1. The agent was very knowledgeable, and he gave us a good rate on Internet service.
  2. (on the phone with a hotel reservations agent)
    Do you offer reduced rates to regular business customers?
  3. A lot of small businesses simply can't afford to pay for insurance at market rates. The premiums are just too high.
  4. My hourly rate of pay has more than doubled since I started at the factory.
  5. The City Council is talking about increasing tax rates to raise money for more infrastructure projects.
  6. (at airport forex counter)
    I'd like to change Japanese yen for US dollars, please. What's today's exchange rate?
  7. We were able to lock in a fixed-rate mortgage while interest rates were low.

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