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2011.10.05  (Review of 2008.11.10 edition)

Hello! It's good to have you on the receiving end of the latest @Work edition. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
SENDER / RECIPIENT   差出人、発信者/受取人、受信者


  • The sender of a letter, e-mail, etc., is the person who sends it.

    The recipient is the person who receives it.
  • sender とは、手紙やeメールなどを送る人のことです。

    recipient とは、手紙やeメールなどを受け取る人のことです。
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  1. (after receiving a suspicious-looking e-mail)
    a: I don't recognize the sender.
    b: Then don't open it. It's probably spam.
  2. My archived e-mail messages are listed in alphabetical order by sender.
  3. The letter I mailed to him last month came back with "RETURN TO SENDER" stamped on it. He must have moved.
  4. When sending an e-mail message to a large group of people, you can keep the recipients names and e-mail addresses private by inserting them in the Bcc (= blind carbon copy) field.
  5. a: Is there a way to send an e-mail that will notify you when it's been opened by the recipient?
    b: Sure. Just use the "Request a Read Receipt" option.

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