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2011.10.14  (Review of 2008.02.07 edition)

On this Friday the 13th, as the dark pall of winter slowly draws over our hemisphere, we thought you could use a word that - in a different context - speaks of spring and hope!

Today's Lesson
RENEW   更新する


  • To renew a contract, visa, etc., is to extend it for an additional period of time, often by signing, providing, or applying for a new (but similar) document.

    The noun form is renewal.
  • renew とは、契約やビザなどをさらに一定期間延長する、つまり、更新する、という意味です。これはしばしば、新しい(同様の)文書に署名したり、文書を発行、申請したりすることによって行われます。

    名詞形は renewal で、更新、という意味です。



  1. My membership at the club expires in July, but I'm not sure I'm going to renew. Dues have gotten very expensive.
  2. (someone from Human Resources)
    Most of our contracts for employment are for one year and are renewed annually.
  3. I just got a notice from my landlord saying that I have to pay 120,000 yen to renew my lease. With key money, security deposits, and renewal fees, renting an apartment in Japan sure is expensive!
  4. Our patent is up for renewal next year, but we're thinking about selling the design instead.

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