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Sometimes paper has a B-side!

Today's Lesson


  • A single-sided document is one that is printed on only one side.

    A double-sided document is printed on both sides.
  • single-sided document は、片面だけに印刷されている文書のことです。

    double-sided document は、両面に印刷されている文書のことです。
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  1. (training a new employee)
    And try to re-use single-sided paper whenever possible. Copy paper is expensive.
  2. a: How do I make double-sided copies from single-sided originals?
    b: Just select the "single-sided to double-sided" option. It's this button here.
  3. Most of our direct marketing is done with flyers. So everything has to fit on a double-sided sheet of A4 paper.

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