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It's not often that we end the week on a topic that's in no way, shape, or form related to the week's theme. But, hey, how often is the date 111111, after all?!! We mark this remarkable day with an expression that's not only apt and eminently useful, but downright celebratory! Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
NUMBER ONE (= the best)   第一の、一番の、最上の


  • Someone or something is number one if it is the best, most important, most successful, etc.
  • number one とは、人や物が最も良い、最も重要な、最も成功した、などという意味です。
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NUMBER ONE (= the best)


  1. They're number one in the meat packing business and currently control over 60% of the market.
  2. Berlitz Business Academy is ranked number one in North America for both its accounting and finance programs.
  3. The mint and espresso ice cream bar is still our number one seller.
  4. My number one priority is customer satisfaction. Period.

英会話レッスンLet's end the week with a chant in your honor:

You’re number one !
You’re number one !
You’re number one !