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No matter how hard you work to create a good life for yourself and your family, you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor if you're always worried they might be snatched away. That's why, for a truly good quality of life, the lower this statistic is the better!

Today's Lesson


  • The crime rate is a measure of the amount of crime (= illegal acts) in an area, usually expressed as the number of crimes per 1000 (or 100,000) residents (= people living in an area) per year.
  • crime rate とは、ある地域における、犯罪(不法行為)の数の指標です。たいていは(その地域に住む)人口1,000人(または10万人)に対する年間の犯罪件数で表されます。
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  1. One of the reasons for the area's high quality of life is the extremely low crime rate.
  2. Most people there blame the recession for the 11% increase in the crime rate.
  3. The crime rate - especially for violent crime - has been going down in recent years, thanks to the mayor's tough new policies.

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